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Emily Jones

I'm Emily, and I am just a girl online. ☺️

My live streams are usually about either explicit material, or reacting to cool stuff on the internet (depending on where you found me first).

I make content on Youtube too! It's a mix of funny skits, reaction content, iceberg-type info videos, and sometimes product reviews.

I post on Twitter and Instagram where I keep my followers in the loop about EVERYTHING I can possibly think of. I also like to take pretty pictures.

I only chat on my OF page, so if someone is asking you for paypal or venmo info it's likely not me. Sorry 🙁

Oh I have a Tiktok too! On there, I do a few series. One is "Did you know" where I break down cool/ interesting facts! The other is "100 date outfit ideas" where I think of 100 crazy dates and try to get dressed for them.

Lastly, I wanna thank you all for supporting me. I couldn't do any of this without you. It means so much that you are here. So, thank you 🥰❤️

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