Cam House | America's New Reality TV Show!

Cam House | America's New Reality TV Show!

Earlier this year, Onlyfans model Emily Jones created the Pilot episode to her new reality show called Cam House. Heres all you need to know about the new show, and where you can watch it!


We reached out to Emily, and got answers to our viewers biggest questions!


Q: What Is Cam House, and Why Did You Make It?

Emily: Cam House is a competition reality show where 10 girls will compete for the title of America's Top Only fans star, a chance at $10,000, and free didgital analyst servies from our sponsor Yum Production.

Hot, sexy, Miami bikini babes all on air! Challenges you might see on the show are:

Mud Wrestling

Oiled Obstacle Course

Bikini Fashion Show

And more!

Watch as 10 babes will do ANYTHING to win.

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Q: The Girls Are NOT Being Eliminated. So, How Does The Ranking System Work?

Emily: Our competition show is a bit different than other shows. We do NOT eliminate contestants. Instead, we RANK the contestants using a number scale. The name of the game is to earn as MANY points as possible.

The more points you have shows your abilities in both challenges, and during live streams.

Live streams are evaluated on a number scale of 1 to 10 points. 1 point is for the person who earned the LEAST amount of gifts, tips, or other items during a live stream. 10 points is for the person who earned the MOST amount of gifts, tips, or other items during a live stream.

Challenges are not determined on a point structure. Instead, winners of challenges get the best live streaming schedules, or benefits that will allow them to beat the competition during lives. (Such as special items, endorsements from brands, or better tips as to how to get more viewers).

Points are compounded each week. So, if contestant A wins 10 points last week, and 10 points this week, she will have a total score of 20 points.


Q: How would I vote for a girl in the house as a viewer?

Emily: At this time, Cam House has not yet been produced, and we are still in the process of trying to raise funding. 

However, when season one begins airing, you will be able to vote for models on live streams! Here's how it works:

The contestants will be given a live streaming schedule. The contestants who are the BEST at challenges will get the BEST live streaming times. You as the audience can find the models' live schedules on our website:

You, the audience at home, will have a chance to catch the contestants during their live streams.

During the live, you will be able to send the contestants gifts, tips, or other items in order to signify your vote!


Q: Where can I watch the show when it comes out?

Emily: We will have Season 1 going up on YouTube alongside our Pilot Episodes.

To watch our Pilot, or clips from the show, head over to:

However, we have a tentative deal for Season 2 to go on Amazon Prime!


Q: How are girls accepted onto the show?

Emily: If you are interested in being a model on Cam House, we encourage you to fill out our online form to be considered for the show:

Once we have received your application, we will review it and assess your suitability for the show. We will be looking for women who are charismatic, entertaining, and engaging on camera.

If you are selected for the show, we will contact you using the contact information you provide in your application. We encourage you to fill out the application, as we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and spots on the show are limited. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of an innovative and engaging reality show!


Q: How many episodes will come out each week? How about each season?

Emily: We will be airing one episode per week, featuring the challenges, drama, and eliminations that occur within the house. 

Each season, we are looking for about 18 episodes to be produced. Each episode should be around 15 to 20 minutes of runtime.


Q: Your Kickstarter For This Project Is Currently Live! What Will You Use Funding For?

Emily: We are seeking funding to cover the production costs of the show, including the filming equipment, crew, accommodation for the girls, and the necessary resources to create engaging challenges and experiences. With your support, we can make Cam House a reality and bring this exciting new show to viewers around the world.


We hope all of our readers go over to Cam House's Kikcstarter page at


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