Emily Jones Current Schedule (October 2023)

Emily Jones Current Schedule (October 2023)

Hey guys! I know you haven't been seeing me too much on lives lately and I am sorry for that. :(

However, I am working on a few new things that you all may have seen come out lately!

First, we have the Youtube channel that is now posting regularly again. On this channel, I wanted to learn a new skill: Videography! So, if you want to follow along and watch as I make shitty commercials for shits and giggles, feel free to stop on by!

Second, I am currently working on Cam House! We hit our donation goal bout a month ago and I have been working hard at getting things put together for that around my content creation schedule! Just Pearly Things even did a Youtube video about the Pilot!!!!

Last, I am working on new onlyfans content every week! So, Halloween, Christmas, fall, spring, pretty much rain or shine im making new nudes for everybodies deepest darkest desires!


I hope you all bear with me as we get further into the cold seasons. Starting in November I should be able to come back to doin g tons of lives again (and I may have a few suprises to show you guys!).


Thank you all for your ongoing support and love! Cant wait to see you warriors soon! <3 Em

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