New Reality Show 'Cam House' Seeks Models to Compete for a Cash Prize and Exclusive Opportunities

New Reality Show 'Cam House' Seeks Models to Compete for a Cash Prize and Exclusive Opportunities

Miami, FL May 26, 2023 - Emily Jones is excited to announce the launch of an exhilarating new reality show, 'Cam House,' which offers aspiring models a chance to showcase their talent, compete for a substantial cash prize, and earn an exclusive opportunity to sign with Yum Production, a renowned OnlyFans and social media management agency.
'Cam House' is a groundbreaking reality series that brings together ten talented cam models who will navigate a series of challenges, pushing the boundaries of their creativity, charisma, and influence. Each episode will showcase the contestants' unique abilities and highlight their journey towards achieving their dreams of becoming successful influencers and content creators.

Key highlights of 'Cam House' include:

  1. Intense Competition: Ten aspiring models will engage in a thrilling battle of wits, talent, and charm as they vie for the ultimate prize. Viewers can expect dramatic twists, unexpected alliances, and fierce rivalries that will keep them hooked throughout the season.
  2. Substantial Cash Prize: The winner of 'Cam House' will walk away with a substantial cash prize that will jumpstart their career and provide them with the resources needed to pursue their dreams. The cash prize is a testament to the show's commitment to empowering emerging talent.
  3. Exclusive Opportunity with Yum Production: In addition to the cash prize, the crowned champion of 'Cam House' will earn an exclusive opportunity to sign with Yum Production, a leading OnlyFans and social media management agency. This invaluable partnership will provide them with the guidance and support needed to thrive in the digital landscape.
  4. NSFW Content: During their time in Cam House models will be creating content together for a variety of platforms. Cam House will be uploading this content to their website, and other NSFW platforms. Viewers at home can also watch the models live stream while they live in the house. The model with the highest tips at the end of the stream will be safe from elimination.

Emily Jones: "Being a cam model myself it was so fun to create something where there's a community involved.If I had this opportunity when I first became a cam model, I would have jumped at the chance. I really want to help showcase what we as creators can accomplish."

To kickstart the first season of 'Cam House,' Emily Jones is currently seeking ten talented models who possess the drive, charisma, and determination to make their mark in the world of influencer marketing. If you are passionate about creating engaging content and are ready to take your career to new heights, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

To apply or for more information, please visit

For media inquiries, interviews, or preview screenings, please contact:

Emily Jones


About Emily Jones and Yum Production:

Emily Jones has been a cam model for four years. She has won multiple awards, been featured in several magazines, as well as been the highlight of numerous online articles. She was the first ever BCAMs Model of the Month, the record holder for longest stream on Chaturbate, and the first ever solo content creator to hold a panel at XBIZ. She has also created numerous viral videos for companies on TikTok. She hosts a youtube channel that is dedicated to helping new cam models navigate and grow in the online community.

Yum Production is the leading sponsor of ‘Cam House’. They are an OnlyFans and social media management agency. They hope that with their contribution to this idea they can spark a new chapter in online content creation

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